We offer monthly packages to keep costs low and production high.

App Development

With our Android and iOS application design capabilities, make your products available at consumers’ fingertips.

Crisis Communication

Hardships happen. Our expert communications team is there by your side.

Digital Marketing

Catch the attention of today’s consumer through the dominating world-wide web.


Ad Creation

You bring exciting products and services to the table. Why not show it to the world? We help to highlight your hard work and fine craftsmanship through digital and printed ads.

Media Buying

Be intentional. Media comes in countless forms - billboards, radio, television, newspaper, and etcetera. Each should be developed with vigilance. PME is here to ensure your outreach makes sense—saving your wallet the heartbreak and you the headache.

Promotional Items

Consumers and employees alike, everyone loves freebies. Win them over with the latest items that proudly bear your branding.




Capture precious moments, product details, and mesmerizing media material. Hold onto the memories for a lifetime.


Relive your favorite moments over and over again, captivate your target market, or elevate your next presentation. 

Video Editing

PME transforms your videos into timeless material , while you move on through your to-do list.



This is not just a big day; it is THE big day. Enjoy your family and friends. PME has the rest covered.

Corporate Events

Employ appreciation, workshops, business after hours, grand openings and office parties - even in business, there is a time to relax and celebrate.


Festivals bring the crowds of all backgrounds. Let PME highlight what your region has to offer tourists.